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About Me

I’m Deirdre Maureen, but have been called DeeDeeMo by family since I was a wee one. I am a daughter to the Godliest folks on the planet, sister to 7 siblings that I call my best friends (that's right, that’s 8 kids total – I told you my parents were saints!) and I’m a Jesus lover. I am a wife to my hunk Johnatan (and yes, it’s spelled correctly!), whom I'm crazy about. Beyond his love for our rugrats, work ethic, stunning good looks, sexy Spanish-speaking and kind spirit, the thing I love most about him is his love for the Lord. I’m a mother to the sweetest kids you’ll ever see and love them more than my heart can take.
I am a sensitive and happy soul, love my friends like family and am on a mission to always improve. I ♥ Cherry Coke, cooking and swoon over vintage knick-knacks!
I started making engraved cutting boards as gifts for family and friends and have branched out to engraving other wood goods. I love seeing an old wood slice or averagae kitchen tool come to life with a little personalization, creativity and energy. I appreciate anything custom made, as it requires thought, time and love built into every piece. This growing hobby is such an exciting adventure and I’m anxious to see how I can use this business for His good!

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